Core Beliefs

Mission Statement

We are a community of caring professionals who are committed to love and respect all people. Our mission is to provide affordable psychotherapy and counseling. We offer services to those who are experiencing difficulties at home, at work, in school or in relationships. We also provide professional training, development and supervision in a supportive peer environment.

Core Values


We are called to “feel with” each other as radically relational human beings. Empathy creates in us the desire to “walk with” each other without judgment and to help alleviate suffering and distress.


We commit ourselves to honor each person’s inherent worth, and to respect his/her individual journey toward wholeness. “A person is of more value than a world.” St. Mary Euphrasia, Foundress of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.


We believe in the possibility of positive change and growth within every person. We believe in the process of transformation and self-actualization.


We work to foster collegiality, connection and inclusion. We offer an open, hospitable and sacred space for people to share their struggles, their joy, their learning and their dreams. We imagine one another’s highest good.