Sarah Strole
Sarah Strole, LCSW
Executive Director

I have been working with children, families, and adults in New York for over 10 years. I developed an expertise in trauma having worked as a bilingual therapist in a trauma-focused mental health clinic, a Special Victims social worker, and, most recently, as the Director of a shelter and foster care program for unaccompanied minors. In this role, I led a multi-disciplinary team in not only providing trauma-informed care for the children in the program, but also working to locate the children's families and unite them as quickly as safely possible. From this work, I developed a passion for ensuring that the most vulnerable communities have access to high-quality services, especially mental health treatment.

I have presented on chronic trauma, resilience, and supervision best practices at the local, national, and international level. I am committed to helping other social workers, especially those entering the field and those working in environments with high rates of burnout, develop their clinical skills and manage chronically stressful environments. I am a lecturer at Columbia University's School of Social Work. I also co-founded and co-facilitated a support group at NASW-NYC for clinicians working with cases involving trauma.

In my clinical practice, I start with relationality. I work with clients collaboratively and pull from a variety of modalities to help promote healing. I am excited to welcome clients to Maria Droste Counseling where our team of clinicians are dedicated to making sure each person has access to high-quality mental health care.