MDCS continues to be a support and therapeutic environment for those in need during these difficult times. Our services continue via telehealth (video and telephone) and in-person modalities. Due to this, there is flexibility in the times and days of when you will be able to receive the therapy from our caring professional clinicians. Now more than ever if you are if you need therapy please reach out. If you are unable to pay, or are worried about the ability to pay, we stress to not let this be a barrier to your therapy. We will work with you to receive the support you need.

MDCS stands in the fight with Black Lives Matter. MDCS staff continue to support anti-oppressive and anti-racist actions in New York and across the globe. We pride ourselves on maintaining an environment for staff and clients to explore how injustices have impacted each individual.

Our Clinicians

We have dedicated and skilled clinicians that come with a wealth of experience offering their time by providing services to our clients. This allows us to maintain the MDCS mission of providing affordable therapy for all, while not losing the value of quality treatment

Andrea Dispenziere, LCSW
Started at MDCS, 2020
Brittany Dalbow, LMHC
Started at MDCS, 2021
Chavie Lichtenberg, LMHC
Started at MDCS, 2019
Chrissy Cunningham, LMSW
Started at MDCS, 2019
Darija Stosic, LP-MHC, RPT
Started at MDCS, 2020
Elizabeth Peabody, LMSW
Started at MDCS, 2004
Elise Del Rio-Sherman, LMSW
Started at MDCS, 2019
Ginette Molina, LCSW
Started at MDCS, 1998
Hallie Boas, LMHC
Started at MDCS, 2018
John Collins, LCSW
Started at MDCS, 1992
Katharine Goerke, LCSW
Started at MDCS, 2013
Linda Pinzon, Ph.D
Started at MDCS, 2017
Nathalie Wechsler, LCSW
Started at MDCS, 2013
Dr. Richard Khan, PSY.D
Started at MDCS, 2016
Robert Tobing, LCSW
Started at MDCS, 1987
Sarah Johansson, LMSW
Started at MDCS, 2017
Dr. Valerie Knight, Ph.D
Started at MDCS, 1991
Alissa Foglia, LMSW
Started at MDCS, 2021

We are a community of caring professionals who are committed to affirming and respecting all people.