MDCS continues to be a support and therapeutic environment for those in need during these difficult times. Our services continue via telehealth (video and telephone) and in-person modalities. Due to this, there is flexibility in the times and days of when you will be able to receive the therapy from our caring professional clinicians. Now more than ever if you are if you need therapy please reach out. If you are unable to pay, or are worried about the ability to pay, we stress to not let this be a barrier to your therapy. We will work with you to receive the support you need.

MDCS stands in the fight with Black Lives Matter. MDCS staff continue to support anti-oppressive and anti-racist actions in New York and across the globe. We pride ourselves on maintaining an environment for staff and clients to explore how injustices have impacted each individual.

Maria Droste Counseling Services

What Our Clients and Partners Say

"Brilla students, staff, and families worked with Maria Droste counselors during the Fall of 2020. Working with [the Executive Director] and her team has been seamless- the whole team has a way of putting you at ease as soon as you begin working together. The counselors thought deeply about how to prepare sessions for different groups of stakeholders and held orientations to work closely with families. Our counselors were gracious and supportive to all stakeholders, and it was absolutely a relief to our school-based social work team who had taken on so much over the course of the past year. We are deeply grateful for the invaluable support from Maria Droste!". -Network Director of Elementary Schools, Seton Education Partners and Brilla Schools Network

Client Testimonials

"Maria Droste Counseling Services has been a great partner for us at Good Shepherd Volunteers. We connect the young adults serving in our program with their mental health services, and the staff has always been so helpful with each new group. From weekly sessions, to group therapy offerings, they’ve guided these young adults through many challenges and periods of personal growth. We’re so thankful during this past year that online sessions were an option too. The staff is very personable and responsive. Joanne, the office manager is always a pleasure to speak with, and is timely with invoices. Speaking of billing, since they charge based on income, it allows us to make sure to offer this important care to everyone in our program that needs it. Highly recommend connecting with them for your mental health needs". -Executive Director, Good Shepherd Volunteers
"It’s no secret that finding the right therapist is like dating. And, with [my therapist], I’ve been lucky enough to find The One. I’ve grown more in nine months of therapy at Maria Droste than I did in ten years of therapy elsewhere. For the first time, therapy isn’t just a venting session where I dump the week’s challenges and leave feeling lighter but directionless. [My therapist] not only creates space for me to vent, but she also offers support through exercises and tools that I can use to continue the work outside of our sessions. I’m so excited about where I’ll go on this journey". -MDCS Client