MDCS continues to be a support and therapeutic environment for those in need during these difficult times. Our services continue via telehealth (video and telephone) and in-person modalities. Due to this, there is flexibility in the times and days of when you will be able to receive the therapy from our caring professional clinicians. Now more than ever if you are if you need therapy please reach out. If you are unable to pay, or are worried about the ability to pay, we stress to not let this be a barrier to your therapy. We will work with you to receive the support you need.

MDCS stands in the fight with Black Lives Matter. MDCS staff continue to support anti-oppressive and anti-racist actions in New York and across the globe. We pride ourselves on maintaining an environment for staff and clients to explore how injustices have impacted each individual.

Maria Droste Counseling Services

Community based Support for Organizations, Businesses and Schools

MDCS provides specially tailored treatment for organizations, businesses and schools that need psychotherapy support for staff or students.

The interventions developed are created collectively with the organization to address the needs of the organization, business, and school. The treatment services provided are short-term, long-term, and psychoeducational in nature.

The treatment interventions provided are individual and group therapy modalities.

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At MDCSNYC, our focus is to help your organization, business, and school environments decrease vicarious trauma and burnout while increasing staff retention and student wellness.

Together, we can change lives. Your help to support those in your community will go a long way.

94% of employees

94% of employees reflect feeling bullied at their workforce. As an adult, bullying could re-active prior traumas and/or develop into traumatic responses. This could lead to difficult maintaining focus at work, mental health days needed away from the office, or burn-out. 47% of staff report that a wellness program would help job retention.

53% of male victims & 49% of female victims

53% of male victims and 49% of female victims have been bullied. Counseling and therapy could support these children in keeping them well on the road to recovery from the effects of being bullied.

91% of teachers

91% of teachers report feeling burn-out due to workloads. 81% of teachers enter the profession to help children. Getting support could help decrease the burn-out rate and decrease the high-rates of teachers leaving the education department saving millions in dollars and lives.

MDCSNYC fosters acceptance, coping strategies, and kindness in all sponsored projects.

MDCSNYC is available for in-house, telehealth and at our office therapy for the wellness to support your organization, business or school. MDCSNYC also offers workshops around a myriad of psychoeducation and coping categories.

Organizations, Business and Schools

That are interested in mental health support or psychotherapy please reach out to the Executive Director, Sarah Strole, LCSW at (212) 889-4042 x 1 for more information