Maria Droste Counseling Services

Fees & Insurance

We believe there is great value in the self-regard that comes from paying a just, fair and affordable fee for treatment.

We provide support for out-of-network reimbursement. *Please talk with your individual clinician around this. Some of our therapists are Medicare providers. We do not accept Medicaid.

Payment is requested at the time of each session.

We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover credits cards, cash, and check.

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Fees / Insurance

In order to make counseling affordable we work on a sliding scale. The fee is determined based upon the client’s individual financial situation.

*Individual Session Fee's are determind on a sliding scale. The minimum is $45 but it may be determined that a client must pay more depending on their individual financial situation. Please understand that we do our best to provide services for all our clients at a fair price.

Individual Sessions

Sliding scale fee

  • *Fee is determinded on a sliding scale
  • Medicare accepted.
  • We do not accept insurance.

Group Sessions

$35 / per visit

  • No sliding scale fee.